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My Work

Here you can check out all the different samples of work over my career. I have done a lot of different work in both in-house, full time positions as well as freelance and personal work to develop and and continue to grow my skills in different areas. The areas range from cinematography and editing to brand management and 3D motion design.

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Motion Design

Collection of Motion Graphic work spanning across various projects including Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets, and many more.


3D Design

This collection include 3D specific design work for a variety of purposes. This includes in-house social media promotions, marketing and product design, and in depth training videos

Screenshot 2023-10-16 205948.png
Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 10.00.26 PM.png


Editing + Cinematography

Starting my career as a cinematographer, editor, and video production specialist, I still do a great deal of work in this arena. Though this is not my main focus these days, this is still a valuable skill and I still do this type of work from time to time.


Social + Ad Design

This collection features Ad design work I have done, specifically focused on social media marketing for various clients, both as a member of an in-house designer for a social ad agency as well as a direct to client designer and motion graphics artist.



Personal Projects

Never stop learning and never stop creating! Here is a collection of personal projects to experiment with different concepts, in different software, and to continuously refine my skills.



Photography has been a passion for some time but historically taken a back seat to my other production skills until recently. Diving back into this medium has allowed me to further my skills and create marketing work in real life and in the virtual world.

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