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Care Giver Instructional

Online training video collection geared towards healthcare workers and care givers whose job it it to help elderly and patients with special needs. (with Chomp Studio)

Type of Work | Contribution

3D Design

This project was another one that was done under the direction and in association with my extremely talented friends at Chomp Studio. Here I was able to lend a hand animating, texturing, compositing, and occasional modeling of parts as needed for a few instructional videos geared towards health care providers and how to assist those requiring special care. In addition to creating videos to match the provided VO and client dictated content, I also worked closely with producers and fellow motion design artists at Chomp Studios to maintain a high quality and consistent design across all videos for this client.

These videos are part of a larger library for the client that would help to address all different aspects of service required by medical caregivers to the elderly and those adults with special needs.

The work showcased here is just a sample of the 3D and Motion graphics designed videos created for the client.

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